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Elaina Badro® Crease Eye Brush flawlessly blends makeup into the hard-to-reach areas of the crease bone of the eyes eyes, ensuring that a perfect effect is achievable.

With a beautifully lightweight handle for optimal control and precision application, Crease Eye Brush blends product over the eyelids. Soft-to-the-touch bristles exquisitely apply the desired eye makeup to the eyes whilst remaining impeccably gentle on the skin, making this beauty necessity a true must-have for any cosmetic junkie’s collection.

The Elaina Badro® Crease Eye Brush is a favorite among many celebrity makeup artists. Most use this brush for precision of a smokey eye effect on the eyes.

Use this brush in a circular motion for best results in blending out eye shadow to give a soft natural blend to the crease of the eye.

Tip: Use our Crease Eye Brush to contour the brow bone of the eye.

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