Truthfully, I'd have my makeup looking like this on my own wedding day.

Here's why:

Effortless beauty never goes out of style. When you're older (I know this from all the brides, friends, and family that I have worked on) you want to be able to open your bridal album and see just how youthful & beautiful you really were on your big day. Were you truly glowing? Or what is it all that makeup? Were you happy? Were you being true to yourself at that time? I say that because a lot of times brides want a quick trend - and in my professional opinion, fads don't last, but classic beauty always will.

Classic beauty is looking like yourself while enhancing a few complimentary features of your face.

I've had women ask me for a smokey eye, blue shadow, green, etc. - I think smokey eyes are sexy especially for a night out on the town. I think colors are bright and fun, not for a wedding day. I am aware that everyone likes what they like, but again...this is how I would do it. Who knows? Maybe I'll get married in on tropical island and rock a bright orange lip! I'm more about blending, then neutral only you all know, I'm not the biggest fan of the "Cake-Face."

*Note: I would consider doing a soft smokey eye for the reception...

Are you married? How was your makeup on your big day? & if you aren't married, how would you like to have your makeup done?

Should I create another blog on preparation for a bride?

Let me know in the comments below. Xo:

Here's a few images of the brides I have worked on:


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