Contour Brush

The best types of makeup brushes to cater to your blush, bronzer, and highlight should be an angled multi-purpose brush. 

The Elaina Badro® Contour Brush can be used as a multi-purpose brush for blush, bronzer, and highlight. The angled brush allows you to sculpt and define the facial features.

Tip: Start at the top of the ear and stroke towards the tip of the nose to contour cheekbones.  Use the opposite side of the angled contour brush to highlight the cheekbone with a light   shimmery powder. This will give a soft glow to the face.

Elaina Badro® Contour Brush is an angled contour powder brush which allows you to sculpt and define the facial features.

A beauty must-have for defined facial contours, this Powder Contour Brush can be used with blush or bronzer. This brush blends color evenly without streaking, resulting in a truly seamless, flawless finish. The gently angled brush effortlessly follows the shape and contours of the cheeks and temples and helps to sculpt these areas with precision and control. Contour Brush can also be used to define the nose, the temples and the jawline. 

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