This high quality 28-pocket makeup brush belt has been custom designed by Elaina Badro. With elastic carefully sewn into each pocket, multiple makeup brushes are able to fit comfortably.

An individual pocket has also been built into the belt with a durable zipper to hold your personal needs. This is a professional belt and beauty tool that is ideal for makeup artists or even for storing your own brushes at home.

The Elaina Badro makeup brush belt is great for makeup artists and everyday makeup fanatics for storage and travel.

Multiple makeup brushes and beauty tools like scissors and tweezers fit comfortable the Elaina Badro brush belt.

*Makeup brushes are NOT included with the Elaina Badro brush belt with zipper.

Celebrity makeup artists all use the Elaina Badro makeup brush belt on set. This allows for makeup brushes and other beauty tools to stay organized. The Elaina Badro makeup brush belt is great for makeup fanatics as well. Every day women use the makeup brush belt for storage and travel.

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