Mann’s music video, “Get It Girl” featuring T-Pain.

I recently worked on rapper Mann’s music video, “Get It Girl,” featuring T-Pain. You know him best from his song, “Buzzin” featuring 50 Cent. I was working with a GREAT crew at AZ Productions & TJR Films for this video. It was a lot of fun!! Mann is an amazing rapper and a very cool guy. Not to mention, it’s a badassss song! Mann is from LA so you know I have to support!! =)

He also did a “drop” for me!!

Check it out here:

Make sure to “subscribe” to my channel on YouTube, “Elaina Badro Makeup.” Tutorials will be posted up very soon!!

Also, worked with Bria Myles & Emily Lodato…did their makeup! Came out beautiful…they do have beautiful faces to work on already though! Cool girls…you always need fun people around when you’re working long hours on a music video! Can’t wait to it!

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