Mika Newton Album Cover Shoot with Randy Jackson

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with JK Music Group’s Mika Newton, who is signed to Randy Jackson. It’s the best feeling when working with such an amazing and talented team. The photo shoot for Mika Newton’s album cover was SO MUCH FUN! Photograper Nick Spanos is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m excited to see the final pictures! I did get to see a couple of the pics…umm…MIKA LOOKS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! – A BEAUTY & A VOICE! Marina Toybina & Dani Michelle styled the shoot. It’s amazing how they can be so talented and creative and still so yet, down to earth. Korie Swan, a blast and a half! Not to mention, she’s an incredible hair stylist!

Randy Jackson came to the shoot too, said my “work was beautiful!!” What a compliment!! =)

Shout out to: Julia Kurbatova, Sophia Pashikova, Maria Korpacheva, publicist Irina Liakh, Vofka Solovyov, & Zeke Ruelas!!

Here’s a pic of Korie Swan & I with Randy Jackson:

Also, a pic of the whole crew!! Yup, we’re a FABULOUS team!

(Pictured. From left: Dani Michelle, Maria Korpacheva, Sophia Pashikova, Mika Newton, Julia Kurbatova, Marina Toybina, Korie Swan, Elaina Badro, & Irina Liakh.)

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